My Promise to You

As an experienced educator and active community member, I know Senate District 28 needs someone to fight for us.  As a Warren Park Town Councilor, I am a proven leader.  Help me take my experience to the Indiana Senate.  – Theresa 

About Me:

Let me share with you a quick bio about myself and why I’m running to serve in the State Senate. First, like many Hoosiers — I grew up here. My childhood was spent in Elkhart, and after completing my undergrad years at Butler, I moved down to Central Indiana in 2005 and haven’t looked back.

I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that my commitment to public service is a desire to better the lives of my neighbors and my family in the Indianapolis community, but what got me off the sidelines was one of those life-changing moments that we all have at some point of our lives.

In 2017, I survived a ruptured aneurysm in my brain. Obviously, I survived but those days and months after were frightening, mostly because my fears rested most about the well-being of my family. This may be a mom thing, but I was more worried about their well-being than my own.

And yet, I knew my story wasn’t unique. I know numerous Hoosiers have been unexpectedly thrust into a situation like my own. So I made a promise to myself: after I got back on my feet, I would become a champion for the causes near and dear to my heart and the hearts of many.

So that means it’s time to get to work. I am a teacher and educator by trade, and when I’m elected to the Senate — I am going to work with the governor to recalibrate the state’s funding formula to prioritize better teacher pay for our educators. Not only do our teachers deserve a raise, but we get Indiana’s education system out from ranking in the “bottom ten” in the nation. Also, this pandemic has taught us that Indiana must invest in e-learning so that no student — no matter what financial situation they are in — is barred from the classroom.

Also, I understand just how vital health care access is for Hoosiers, because had I not been blessed to have health insurance, I may not be here today. So knowing more Hoosiers now have lost their health care due to this pandemic, Indiana must recommit to protecting health care access for everyone. That means protecting the state’s critical HIP 2.0, CHIP, and exchange programs. And because this pandemic has placed unexpected bills on our shoulders, we must also make sure Hoosiers do not go bankrupt in order to fight and beat this incurable virus.

I take my duty of serving my community seriously, because the safety and well-being of our lives can change on a dime. My constituents will trust me because they know that just like them, I share their experiences and will not rest until all Hoosiers share the same opportunities that so many others have here in our Indiana community.

My Priorities


  • End high stakes testing.
  • Prioritize teacher pay.
  • Expand vocational training.

Economic development:  

  • Healthcare alternatives for small businesses struggling to provide healthcare to their employees.
  • Promote sustainable energy creating good-paying jobs in the district.
  • Remove the red tape associated with industrial hemp allowing farmers to profit from this cash crop.
  • Decriminalize marijuana. For many, an arrest for simple possession can lead to a lifetime of denied employment. 


  • Modernize road funding formula reflecting the needs of our district. 
  • Promote mass transit leading to cleaner air and less traffic congestion.
  • Modernize sewage infrastructure reducing flooding in the district. Standing water takes a toll on roads and bridges.

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Indiana Stonewall Democrats

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